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True Composite Decking Horror Stories

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

We recently conducted a survey of composite deck owners asking them to tell us about their experiences and send in photos of their decks.  Here are some of the responses we got:

This Texas homeowner built his deck with a lovely view of a nearby state park.  Too bad the deck couldn’t complement the view.  The picture above is 6″ Trex composite decking.  You can see how badly the surface is flaking.  Even if it didn’t start falling apart like this, just look at that ugly color!

Check out those nasty spots!  They started appearing within two months of this Michigan deck’s installation.  The brand was Trex Brasilia, and the owners followed the manufacturer’s guidelines to remove the spots.  However, they were back within days.  Trex then offered to come powerwash the deck.  They succeeded in removing the spots (as well as destroying some of the homeowner’s landscape), but once again they came back.

When the owner complained, Trex’s reply was that the deck should only need washing once a year.  They also refused to help their understandably  frustrated customer any further.

Also note the plastic sheen and the swelling around the screws.

If you have a composite decking horror story, please leave a comment sharing your experience.